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Welcome to the Darien Study Center!

The Center is dedicated to the academic and character formation of young and professional men.

Our youth programs are organized to help young men develop a wide range of intellectual and moral virtues.  Through classes, activities, and mentoring, students come to know themselves better and learn how to put these virtues into practice.  We help prepare them for the great challenges awaiting them: forming a family, serving society through their work, and developing friendships with colleagues, neighbors, and God.

These programs work closely with parents, the primary educators of their children. We help them in the quest that their sons become competent, responsible, considerate, and generous adults who are committed to live by Christian principles.

The Christian orientation of the Darien Study Center's programs is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

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Safe Environment


Darien Study Center is dedicated to providing a safe educational environment for those who participate in its activities, especially all minors. It does not tolerate any sexual or physical abuse on the part of staff, volunteers, or participants, including behavior that is objectively intimidating, physically or verbally. Also, staff and volunteers do not provide any illegal substances to the students nor permit their use. 

Every adult staff or volunteer submits to a background check and commits to follow our Code of Conduct.  If you are aware of any abusive behavior, please report it immediately to the Director of the Center. The Director of the Center in conjunction with the Center’s Board of Directors will promptly investigate and resolve any such complaints or reports. When necessary, the Director will inform the Directors of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

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