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You are the protagonists!  The work we do at the Darien Club only complements the immeasurable efforts you make to raise your sons as men of character.


At Darien, our mentors can accomplish more when we work closely with the parents of each student to address their son’s particular needs.  In addition to meeting with each student every month, mentors are regularly available to meet with their mentees’ parents at Darien to discuss how Darien can best serve them and their son.

Activities for Parents

Evenings of Recollection

Darien holds evenings of recollection for fathers to help us grow in our knowledge and love of the Catholic faith:


FIRST MONDAY and WEDNESDAY of every month

Dinner @ 6pm

RECOLLECTION 6:45pm - 8:45pm

WHERE: 7800 S Cass Ave, Darien

FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month

RECOLLECTION 10:00am - 12:00pm

For information about mornings and evenings of recollection for mothers, contact Mrs Juliana Hepburn at 630-877-0010 or


Three-day retreats are hosted at SHELLBOURNE CONFERENCE CENTER in Valparaiso, Indiana. A retreat provides the occasion to take a few days off each year to reflect on the important things in life:  God, family, friends, work. For more information, go to

To find out more call or

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