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Junior High School
Learning - Creativity - Adventure

2023 - 2024 SEASON

Congratulations team for a exciting and riveting season

The team can in 4th in their Batavia 22 team regional and just shy from qualifying for state.


The team will continue to meet once a month with an eye on:

-> bringing in the new SPIKE™ Prime controller (we will retire the EV3)

--> Learn the new programing language LEGO® Technic™

---> fine tune the robot building skills

----> continue to receive formative talks on faith and virtues

Next meets are as follows - all from 9am-12pm

Jan 27

Feb 24

March 30 (Holy Saturday)


field robots

the team fielded an excellent robot that was shy of a powerful score. See below for their first run at Batavia, where the team harnessed 320 points. Note where how close the misses were!

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